Email Gmail

On April 15, 2004 born Gmail email which had begun to bear first steps as a slightly unstable platform which was taken as beta, from the beginning Gmail had to be invited to create an email account Gmail, this means we needed someone invited us to have a account.

Mail to Gmail that he was then known by the name of Google Mail , but apparently did not want to get rid of this name though circumstances forced him to change the name because there was a lawsuit by name.

Gradually Gmail has changed for the better , since the beginning and until 2009 it was officially released as a free email account in its class Beta, we can say it was one of the stages that many of us remember.
This email platform has been enormous changes, the characteristics of Gmail login have named as one of the best platforms around the Internet, surely one of its strengths is to use the phone number to activate the email account , this makes it more reliable and helps prevent email spam, making it more reliable the mailings.

Google Talk is an application that has been widely accepted among those who have our Gmail account, that serves this little program, it serves to check our messages and not enter the web, so do not lose time to review our tray input.

But if you’re going to use Gmail in your browser rest assured it will be very safe as they enter the account is safe because it’s encrypted this is what they love to all who use Gmail.


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